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Welcome to Bespoke Body Alignment

Feeling  body tension,
uneven or stressed?

About Us

Bespoke Body Alignment stands as a distinguished and seasoned practice, renowned for delivering a superior standard of service aimed at restoring you to optimal alignment.

Our conviction in the profound impact of massage as both a life calling and a healing gift propels us to alleviate your body from discomfort through a comprehensive and holistic approach, addressing its individualised needs.

With a specialisation in remedial, deep tissue, and sports massage, our expertise encompasses a diverse array of techniques. These include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, reflexology, cupping, hot stone application, and the infusion of aromatherapy oils. This meticulous combination of methods ensures a tailored and effective approach to guide your body back to a harmonious state of alignment.

Our Therapist

John, a certified Remedial Massage Therapist, brings a wealth of experience to his practice. Coming from a lineage of massage therapists, including both his mother and great grandmother in the same profession, he inherits a legacy of healing hands. Having worked in the number one ranked massage clinic in Sydney's CBD, his extensive training and intuitive approach empower him to provide the therapy your body craves.

Massages Treatments 

Through remedial massage and intuitive touch we will have your body aligned both physically and energetically. 

Zen Stones

60 minuteS

Zen Stones

90 minuteS

Zen Stones

120 minuteS

Benefits of Massage

Sure, it can help you relax  but massage therapy can do much more than that.

1. can counteract all that sitting you do

2. eases your muscle pain

3. soothes anxiety and depression

4. improve your sleep

5.  boosts immunity

6. relieves headaches

How often?

We suggest an initial course of 3-4 sessions, scheduled weekly to fortnightly, to facilitate the body's adaptation to the upcoming changes.

As the saying goes, it takes 21 days to break a habit.

Subsequently, to preserve your body's well-being and sustain optimal health, we advise receiving a massage every 3-4 weeks. This routine not only aids in averting injuries, pain, and tension accumulation in muscle fibers but also addresses any emerging issues before they escalate into more serious concerns.

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